Research Group at 2015 End of Year Celebration

IMGP135  Mehrdad Shokrabadi

  2018 PhD Graduate (Now Postdoctoral Scholar at UCLA)

  Stochastic characterization of aftershock collapse risk of reinforced concrete frame buildings.

  Hua Kang

  2018 PhD Graduate (Now Software Engineer at Microsoft)

  Modeling post-earthquake recovery of residential communities.

Yu Zhang  Yu Zhang

  PhD Candidate

  Data-driven models for evaluating the seismic performance of tall buildings.

Sharzad Dastmalchi  Sharzad Dastmalchi

  PhD Student

  Performance-based design and assessment methods for a controlled rocking braced frame system.

Agam Tomar  Agam Tomar

  PhD Candidate

  Resilience of spatially and temporally distributed infrastructure systems.

Xingquan Guan  Xingquan Guan

  PhD Candidate

  Performance-based analytics-driven seismic design of steel moment frame buildings.

Zhengxiang  Zhengxiang Yi

  PhD Candidate

  Performance-based surrogate models for woodframe buildings.

  Morolake Omoya

  PhD Student

  Evaluating the implications of the Los Angeles Soft-Story Retrofit Program (Ordinance 183893 and Ordinance 184081) on the seismic performance of residential wood-frame buildings.

Sujith_1  Sujith Mangalathu

  Postdoctoral Scholar

  Mainshock-aftershock performance assessment of bridges.

  Saber Moradi 

  Postdoctoral Scholar (now Assistant Professor at Ryerson University)

  Life-cycle design and assessment of resilient and sustainable buildings.

Ji Yun Lee  Ji Yun Lee

Postdoctoral Scholar (now Assistant  Professor at Washington State University)

  A resilience model for inter-generational infrastructure systems.

Koyejo Ojuri  Koyejo Ojuri

  BS. Graduate

  Developing inventory and surrogate models for residential wood-frame buildings.

Damain Gutierrez  Damian Gutierrez

  B.S. Graduate (Now Engineer at Clark Construction Group)

  Developing inventory and surrogate models for residential wood-frame buildings.

  Sijin Wang

  M.S. Graduate (Staff Civil Engineer at Environmental Geotechnology Laboratories, Inc.)

  Application of the US Resiliency Council Seismic Rating Procedure to Tall Buildings.

Jeff Miao  Jeff Miao

  M.S. Graduate (Now Design Engineer at KPFF Consulting Engineers)

  Analysis of building damage and repair/reconstruction data after the 2014 South Napa Earthquake.

Dhriaj Swami  Dhiraj Swami

  M.S. Graduate (Now Structural Designer at Nous Engineering, Inc.)

  Discrete event simulation modeling of post-disaster recovery processes.

Soorya  Sooryanarayan Sreekumar

  M.S. Graduate (Now Designer at John Labib and Associates)

  Statistical methods for predicting the reduction in collapse safety of mainshock-damaged structures.

Mayank  Mayank Sharma

 M.S  Graduate: Design Engineer at Optimum Design Private Limited (

 Aftershock collapse performance of reinforced concrete frame buildings with infills.

Sade  Sade Adeseun

 B.S. Graduate: Construction Manager at PlanNet Design & Construction, Inc.