Research Group at 2015 End of Year Celebration

IMGP135  Mehrdad Shokrabadi

  PhD Candidate

  Stochastic characterization of aftershock collapse risk of reinforced concrete frame buildings.

  Hua Kang

  PhD Candidate

  Modeling post-earthquake recovery of residential communities.

Yu Zhang  Yu Zhang

  PhD Candidate

  Data-driven models for evaluating the seismic performance of tall buildings.

Sharzad Dastmalchi  Sharzad Dastmalchi

  PhD Student

  Performance-based design and assessment methods for a controlled rocking braced frame system.

Agam Tomar  Agam Tomar

  PhD Student

  Resilience of spatially and temporally distributed infrastructure systems.

Xingquan Guan  Xingquan Guan

  PhD Student

  Performance-based analytics-driven seismic design of steel moment frame buildings.

Zhengxiang  Zhengxiang Yi

  PhD Student

  Performance-based surrogate models for woodframe buildings.

  Morolake Omoya

  MS Student

  Evaluating the implications of the Los Angeles Soft-Story Retrofit Program (Ordinance 183893 and Ordinance 184081) on the seismic performance of residential wood-frame buildings.

Sujith_1  Sujith Mangalathu

  Postdoctoral Scholar

  Mainshock-aftershock performance assessment of bridges.

  Saber Moradi 

  Postdoctoral Scholar (now Assistant Professor at Ryerson University)

  Life-cycle design and assessment of resilient and sustainable buildings.

Ji Yun Lee  Ji Yun Lee

Postdoctoral Scholar (now Assistant  Professor at Washington State University)

  A resilience model for inter-generational infrastructure systems.

Koyejo Ojuri  Koyejo Ojuri

  Undergraduate Student

  Developing inventory and surrogate models for residential wood-frame buildings.

Damain Gutierrez  Damian Gutierrez

  Undergraduate Student

  Developing inventory and surrogate models for residential wood-frame buildings.

  Sijin Wang

  M.S. Graduate

  Application of the US Resiliency Council Seismic Rating Procedure to Tall Buildings.

Jeff Miao  Jeff Miao

  M.S. Graduate

  Analysis of building damage and repair/reconstruction data after the 2014 South Napa Earthquake.

Dhriaj Swami  Dhiraj Swami

  M.S. Graduate

  Discrete event simulation modeling of post-disaster recovery processes.

Soorya  Sooryanarayan Sreekumar

  M.S. Graduate: Design Engineer at Englekirk Structural Engineers (

  Statistical methods for predicting the reduction in collapse safety of mainshock-damaged structures.

Mayank  Mayank Sharma

 M.S  Graduate: Design Engineer at Optimum Design Private Limited (

 Aftershock collapse performance of reinforced concrete frame buildings with infills.

Sade  Sade Adeseun

 B.S. Graduate: Construction Manager at PlanNet Design & Construction, Inc.