SPA-INFILL is an interactive MATLAB tool that enables performance-based assessment of concrete frame buildings with infills. It automates the construction of 2D and 3D numerical models in OpenSees as well as the seismic performance assessments through nonlinear static and dynamic analyses including incremental dynamic analyses to collapse. The tool was developed using the object oriented programing methodology. It consists of a series of MATLAB .m files, functions and classes, which serve to assemble the necessary building information and model parameters, generate structural models and post process and visualize the analysis and performance assessment results. The main directory of the tool titled “SPA-INFILL” contains a series of folders where the required MATLAB, text and .tcl files are stored (download below). The tool consists of the following four modules which are illustrated in Figure 1 below and discussed in detail in the User Manual.

  1. Building Information Assembly (BIA)
  2. OpenSees Model Construction (OMC)
  3. Seismic Performance Assessment (SPA)
  4. Visualization of Results (VOR)
Figure 1 – Overview of SPA-INFILL Modules

Figure 1 – Overview of SPA-INFILL Modules

Example Seismic Performance Assessment Results Generated by SPA-INFILL

Pushover Analysis: Figure 2 below shows the pushover response plots for a 3D model of an example building for loading in the X- and Z-Direction. The base shear in the pushover curve was normalized by the seismic weight.





Figure 2 Pushover response for 3D model of example building for loading in the: (a) X-Direction and (b) Z-Direction

Collapse Performance Assessment: The collapse fragility curves for the example building models is shown in Figure 3 for the 3D model with bi-directional loading (22 pairs of ground motions). The 1st mode spectral intensity is used as the intensity measure.

Figure 21a

Figure 3 – Collapse fragility curve (empirical and lognormal) for 3D model of example building subjected to bi-directional loading


Download the research tool SPA-INFILL.