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Hindcasting the functional loss and restoration of the Napa water system following the 2014 earthquake using discrete event simulation   -Tomar, A., Burton, H. V., Mosleh, A. and Lee, J. (2020) ASCE Journal of Infrastructure Systems (accepted for publication).

Multi-scale cost-benefit analysis of the Los Angeles story ordinance  -Yi, Z., Burton, H. V., Shokrabadi, M. and Issa, O. (2020) Engineering Structures 214,

Simulation-based assessment of post-earthquake functionality of buildings with disruptions to cross-dependent utility networksMasoomi, H., Burton, H. V., Tomar, A. and Mosleh, A. (2020) ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering 145(5), 04020079.

Development and utilization of a database of infilled frame experiments for numerical modeling  -Huang, H., Burton, H. V., Sattar, S. (2020) ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering 146(6), 04020070.

Classifying earthquake damage to buildings using machine learning  -Mangalathu, S., Sun, H., Nweke, C., Yi, Z. and Burton, H. V. (2020) Earthquake Spectra 36(1), 183-208.

A framework and case study for integrating household decision-making into post-earthquake recovery models Burton, H. V., Kang, H., Miles, S., Nejat, A. and Yi, Z. (2019), International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 37, 1-13.

Experimental push-out investigation on the in-plane force-deformation behavior of integrally-attached timber through-tenon joints - Rad, A. R., Weinand, Y. and Burton, H. V. (2019), Construction and Building Materials 215, 925-940.

Probabilistic assessment of seismic force demands in biaxially loaded columns in chevron-configured special concentrically braced frames - Burton, H. V., Doorandish, N. and Sabol, T (2019), AISC Engineering Journal  56(2),  109-122.

Classification of in-plane failure modes for reinforced concrete frames with infills using machine learning, - Huang, H. and Burton, H. V. (2019), Journal of Building Engineering 25, 1-11.on).

Seismic risk assessment of a 42-story reinforced concrete dual-system building considering mainshock and aftershock hazard - Zhang, Y., Burton, H. V., Shokrabadi, M. and Wallace, J. (2019),  ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering 145(11), 1-13.

Combination Rules Used to Account for Orthogonal Seismic Effects: State-of-the-Art Review Wang, J., Burton, H. V. and Dai, K. (2019), ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering 145(11), 1-13.

Deep learning-based classification of earthquake-impacted buildings using textual damage descriptions Mangalathu, S. and Burton, H. V. (2019), International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 36, 1-10.

Reconstructing seismic response demands across multiple tall buildings using kernel-based machine learning methods - Sun, H., Burton, H. V. and Wallace, J. W. (2019), Structural Control and Health Monitoring 26(7), 1-26.

Performance assessment of through-tenon timber joints under tension loads - Rad, A. R., Burton, H. V. and Weinand, Y. (2019), Construction and Building Materials 207, 706-721.

Regional short-term and long-term risk and loss assessment under sequential seismic events - Shokrabadi, M. and Burton, H. V. (2019), Engineering Structures 185, 366-376.

Integrating performance based engineering and urban simulation to model post-earthquake housing recovery - Burton, H. V., Miles, S.B. and Kang, H. (2018), Earthquake Spectra 34(4), 1763-1785.

Probabilistic evaluation of combination rules for seismic force demands from orthogonal ground motion components - Burton, H. V., Doorandish, N. and Shokrabadi, M.   (2018), Engineering Structures 177, 234-243.

Parameterized fragility functions for controlled rocking steel braced frames - Moradi, S., Burton, H. V. and Kumar, I. (2018), Engineering Structures 176, 254-264.

Seismic Performance of a Self-Centering Steel Moment Frame Building: From Component-Level Modeling to Economic Loss Assessment - Guan, X., Burton, H. V.,  and Moradi, S. (2018), Journal of Constructional Steel Research 150, 129-140.

Towards a community of practice for disaster recovery modeling - Miles, S.B., Burton, H. V., and Kang, H. (2018), Natural Hazards Review 19(1), 1-11.

Integrating performance based engineering and urban simulation to model post-earthquake housing recovery - Burton, H. V., Miles, S.B. and Kang, H. (2018), Earthquake Spectra 34(4), 1763-1785.

Replicating the recovery following the 2014 South Napa earthquake using stochastic process models - Kang, H. and Burton, H. V. (2018), Earthquake Spectra 34(3), 1247-1266.

Adaptive decision-making for civil infrastructure systems and communities subjected to evolving risks - Yun, J. Y., Burton, H. V. and Lallemant, D. (2018), Structural Safety 75, 1-12.

Response surface analysis and optimization of controlled rocking steel braced frames - Moradi, S. and Burton, H. V. (2018), Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 16(10), 4861-4892.

Risk-based assessment of aftershock and mainshock-aftershock seismic performance of reinforced concrete frames - Shokrabadi, M. and Burton, H. V. (2018), Structural Safety 73, 64-74.

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Impact of sequential ground motion pairing on mainshock-aftershock structural response and collapse performance assessment- Shokrabadi, M., Burton, H. V., and Stewart, J. (2018), ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 144(10), 1-13.

Journal Publications 2014 - 2017

A machine-learning framework for assessing post-earthquake structural safety - Zhang, Y., Burton, H. V., Sun, H. and Shokrabadi, M. (2017), Structural Safety 17, 1-16.

Interbuilding interpolation of peak seismic response demands using spatially correlated demand parameters - Sun, H., Burton, H. V., Zhang, Y. and Wallace, J. W. (2017), Earthquake Engineering Structural Dynamics, 47(5), 1168-1188.

Ground motion intensity measures for rocking building systems - Shokrabadi, M. and Burton, H. V. (2017), Earthquake Spectra, 33(4), 1533-1554.

Integrating visual damage simulation, virtual inspection and collapse capacity to evaluate post-earthquake structural safety of buildings - Burton, H. V. and Deierlein, G. (2017), Earthquake Engineering Structural Dynamics, 47(2), 298-310.

Measuring the impact of enhanced building performance on the seismic resilience of a residential community - Burton, H. V., Deierlein, G, Lallemant, D. and Singh, Y. (2017), Earthquake Spectra, 33(4), 1347-1367.

Estimating aftershock collapse vulnerability using mainshock intensity, structural response and physical damage indicators - Burton, H. V., Sreekumar, S., Sharma, M. and Sun, H. (2017), Structural Safety 68, 85-96.

A framework and case study for earthquake vulnerability assessment of incrementally expanding buildings - Lallemant, D., Burton, H. V., Ceferino, L., Bullock, Z. and Kiremidjian, A. (2017), Earthquake Spectra, 33(4), 1369-1384.

Quantifying the reduction in collapse safety of mainshock-damaged reinforced concrete frames with infills - Burton, H. V.  and Sharma, M. (2017), Earthquake Spectra, 33(1), 25-44.

A rocking spine for enhanced seismic performance of reinforced concrete frames with infills - Burton, H. V., Deierlein, G., Mar, D., Mosalam, K., Rodgers, J. and Gunay, S.  (2016), ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering., 142(11), 1-11

Framework for Incorporating Probabilistic Building Performance in the Assessment of Community Seismic Resilience - Burton, H. V., Deierlein, G., Lallemant, D., and Lin, T. (2015), ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 142 (8), 1-11.

Statistical procedures for developing earthquake damage fragility curves - Lallemant, D., Kiremidjian, A., and Burton, H. V. (2015), Earthquake Engineering Structural Dynamics, 44(9), 1373-1389

Simulation of seismic collapse in nonductile reinforced concrete frame buildings with masonry infills - Burton, H. V., and Deierlein, G. G. (2014), ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, 140(8), 1-10.

Conference Proceedings and Presentations

A framework for performance-based analytics driven design - Burton, H. (2018), 11th U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Los Angeles, California

Towards the seismic resilience of residential communities: a conceptual framework and case study - Burton, H., Kang, H. (2017) 16th World Conference on Earthquake, Santiago, Chile

Application of the US resiliency council seismic rating procedure to two tall buildings designed by alternative means - Burton, H., Wang, S., Zhang, Y., Wallace, J.

(2016) Los Angeles, California

A framework for water distribution system exposed to seismic events and evolving conditions - Lee, J.Y., Tomar, A., Burton, H. (2018), 11th U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Los Angeles, California

Seismic response sensitivity of controlled rocking steel braced frames - Saber, M.., Burton, H. (2018), Fredericton, Canada

Resilience-based performance standards for buildings and lifeline systems - Poland, C., Burton, H. (2018), 11th U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Los Angeles, California

Assessing the scale of environmental impacts from a major California earthquake - Burton, H., Deierlein, G., and Lepech, M. (2011), Proceedings, 80th Annual Structural Engineers Association of Northern California Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Seismic retrofit of non-ductile reinforced concrete infill frame building using rocking spines - Burton, H., and Deierlein, G., (2012), Proc., International Conference on Earthquake Engineering Research, Harbin, China.

A rocking spine for enhanced seismic performance of concrete frame buildings with infills, Keynote Presentation - Burton, H. 2013, Institute of Structural Engineers, Caribbean Division, Bridgetown, Barbados.

Performance-based Engineering as a Tool for Developing Earthquake Resilient Communities - Burton, H., and Deierlein, G. (2014), Presentation, Special Session on Application of Resilience Design Concepts in Structures, ASCE/SEI Structures Congress, Boston, Massachusetts.

A rocking spine for enhanced seismic performance of concrete frame buildings with infills - Burton, H., Deierlein, G. (2014),  Proc. 10th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Anchorage, Alaska.

Assessing the post-earthquake recovery of the housing capacity of a residential community- Burton, H., and Deierlein, G. (2014), Proc., International Conference on Urban Disaster Reduction, Boulder, Colorado.

Measuring the impact of enhanced seismic performance on the resilience of a residential community - Burton, H., and Deierlein, G. (2015), Presentation, Special session on building community resilience using performance-based earthquake engineering, ASCE/SEI Structures Congress, Portland, Oregon.